Lia & Tyler

A few months back when we first launched The Floyd Bed Frame, we thought it would be fun to deliver some bed frames in person to a few Detroit customers.
One customer in particular ended up being only three blocks from our office! We met Tyler, who was just getting ready to move one floor up with his girlfriend, Lia. They were also being joined by Jaws, their cat, who they describe as “kind of wild, but we like that about him.” They invited us back a few months later to see their new setup.

Lia is a poet and is working on a manuscript for her first poetry collection, and also recently began working with the Inside Out Literary Arts Project. Tyler is a regional planner with the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments with a big focus on linking the trails in the Metro Detroit area to other trail networks statewide. He's also a great photographer. They met in Michigan but lived in New York for a couple years after college. The two also had a short stint in North Carolina, living in the attic of a big old stone house surrounded by mountains (not bad!).

bed frame with cat

tyler & Lia chair
Most of their furniture is from their relatives—a yellow armchair from Tyler’s grandparents, a bookcase from Lia’s grandpa and some paintings by her Grandma. They’re big fans of cooking together (linguini with clams is their soft spot). If they’re eating out, Supinos in Eastern Market is the place to be. Although they enjoy the open space of having one room in their loft, they do admit that having a few walls and doors would be pretty awesome in the future.

mobile bed frame head on four pics
crystal leaves

kitchen laughs

window with view depth room view tyler 13 cactus bike
world map textiles tyler + Cat


Special thanks to Lia and Tyler for showing us around their apartment. Check out Lia's poems and essays and Tyler's photography.