"The Record Shop"

Floyd Stories: "The Record Shop" from Floyd on Vimeo.

Featured in this video: The Floyd Shelf, The Floyd Utility Set

The Floyd Leg x Paramita Sound

"I wanted the record store to be completely about the music."

Our friend Andrey approached us a few months back about using The Floyd Leg in his new record shop in Detroit. We loved what he was creating and jumped on the opportunity to work together.

Special thanks to the whole Paramita Sound team for making this collaboration happen.

- Kyle / Alex

Paramita Sound: 1417 Van Dyke, Detroit

Music by Flandy
"12 Bars To Go Flip" : https://soundcloud.com/flandy/12-more-bars-to-go-flip
"Dear Gladys" : https://soundcloud.com/flandy/dear-gladys?in=flandy/sets/beats